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Stanley Cup visits Little NHL

Hundreds of Little NHLers were feeling like big leaguers earlier this week when the Stanley Cup came to visit them.

The Little NHL is an annual March Break tournament for young native hockey players in Ontario. This year it took place at the Iceland arena complex in Mississauga, and event sponsor Scotiabank brought a special guest along for the first day of the competition.

“I haven’t seen the Stanley Cup before,” said Vaughn Montour, a peewee goalie from the Six Nations reserve near Brantford. “I got to take a picture with my team. It’s pretty awesome.”

“It’s pretty cool,” said Shawnee Bomberry, another Six Nations resident who was there to cheer on family members.

“I’ve been coming to Little NHL for a couple of years now, and to be able to touch the Stanley Cup is pretty great.”

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Visor debate quickly fades away

It’s been a little more than a week since Marc Staal’s NHL career almost ended in grisly fashion on the ice at Madison Square Garden in New York.

That means it’s been a little less than a week since the latest round in the visor debate flamed out almost as fast as it had ignited.

As usual, the shelf life of a debate on player safety in the NHL is roughly equivalent to that of a glass of milk left on the kitchen counter. Sidney Crosby is back to full health and atop the scoring parade and, for some reason, you no longer see the words “concussion-like symptoms” in the newspapers.

Right on cue, columnists and broadcasters quickly rose up in righteous indignation last week after Staal was felled by a slap shot that almost took out his eye. They just as quickly moved on to other topics of discussion after it became clear that Staal would in fact be okay.

But when that wasn’t known for sure, boy, did we hear about it.

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