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Team Canada cuts Tessa Bonhomme, ‘Face of Women’s Hockey’

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Only a year ago, Tessa Bonhomme was the subject of a cover story in The Hockey News, which called her “The Face of Women’s Hockey.”

That face is yesterday’s news as far as Hockey Canada is concerned.

The axe unexpectedly fell on Bonhomme on Tuesday as the veteran defenceman was one of three players cut from the national women’s team. The others were fellow blueliner Brigette Lacquette and forward Jenelle Kohanchuk.

It was unexpected in that, while cuts were looming as Team Canada decides on its roster for the Sochi Olympics, the 28-year-old Bonhomme certainly did not suspect she would be one of the players cast aside.

Then again, a move like this probably should have been expected. Surprise roster moves in advance of big tournaments are commonplace for Hockey Canada and its national women’s program.

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