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Sustained success as last: Actor Jared Keeso is finally breaking through

Jared Keeso as Ben Chartier

Jared Keeso is a big fan of second chances.

It was a second chance that gave new life to his acting career after his award-winning turn as legendary hockey coach/broadcaster Don Cherry in two well-received CBC movies.

And it was a second chance that allowed Keeso’s newest project to find a home on the airwaves. “19-2,” a police drama set and filmed in Montreal, debuts later this month on Bravo and CTV.

Keeso is a native of Listowel and a former junior hockey player who used his on-ice expertise to win the role of Don Cherry in the movies “Keep Your Head Up, Kid” and “The Wrath of Grapes.” After those successes, his career seemed to stall while CBC tried to find another project for him.

The network came up with “19-2,” an English adaptation of a popular Quebec series of the same name. Keeso was hired as one of the series’ two leads, a police officer named Ben Chartier. But then CBC pulled the plug after filming the pilot episode.

“That’s one of those things that, as an actor, it’s just so heartbreaking,” he says. “You do great work with great people, and then all of a sudden someone tells you that you can’t do that anymore. So it was pretty crushing.”

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