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  1. Ron Gervais

    Your Collingwood article on Collingwood Ruled OHA.
    I believe there is an error showing 1951-52 as Collingwood OHA Int AChampions.
    OHA site suggests Simcoe were the Champions

    My search started with 1951-52 OHA Intermediate A Playoffs.

    Ron Gervais

    1. jonathonjackson Post author

      Hi Ron, thanks for your comment. Your search result is incorrect, as Collingwood won the 1951-52 final series 4-1 over Simcoe. Simcoe did win the 1952-53 championship 4-2 over Collingwood.

      I think I know the site you are referring to, and I have no idea why it would suggest that Simcoe won the 1951-52 final 4-3. It’s simply not true.

      This link from the OHA’s official site lists past champions; it classifies the old Intermediate A series as Senior AA, and if you scroll down you will see that it lists Collingwood as champions in 1950-51 and 1951-52, and Simcoe in 1952-53:


      Also, here’s a link to a Shipbuilders team picture from 1951-52, against citing Collingwood as the champions for that season:


      Thanks again for reaching out. I hope I have cleared this up for you.




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